2024 Pharmacist Salary in Arizona

Pharmacists’ salary is essentially based on their work experience, proficiency, industry, and job location. On an average, Arizona pharmacist salary is $120,880 per annum. In last five years, pharmacist salary in AZ grew at a rate of 1.21% and employment at a rate of 21.53%. In next 10 years, Arizona will have an employment growth of 16.15% adding 470 pharmacists every year, as per BLS reports. In Arizona Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale has the highest employment rate, Flagstaff pays the best salary to entry level pharmacists, and Yuma pays the best annual salary to experienced pharmacists. Tucson employs the second largest number of pharmacists but pays the lowest annual salary.

Average Salary of Pharmacist in Arizona

Arizona pharmacists across the state earn an average of $120,880 per year. Arizona pays a higher salary than the national average owing to the increased demand of pharmacists in the state. Part time pharmacists in AZ make $58.12 per hour. Monetarily, Arizona is a favorable working place for pharmacists.

Type Average Salary
Hourly Wage$58.12
Monthly Salary$10,070
Annual Salary $120,880

Pharmacist Salary by Experience in AZ

In Arizona, your salary as a pharmacist will be based on your experience. On an average, you will make $120,880 annually; however your starting salary will be $49,290 if you work as a full-time pharmacist. After a year of experience, you may start earning $121,070 per annum depending upon your proficiency in this field. As you keep gaining experience, your annual salary will keep on mounting, with 20+ years of pharmacy experience, you can make as good as $162,820 each year.

Level of Experience Hourly Annual
Less than 1 year (Starting)$23.70 $49,290
1-4 years$58.21 $121,070
5-9 years$61.63 $128,190
10-19 years$63.46 $131,990
20 years or more$78.28 $162,820

Salary Growth (2017-2021)

Data suggests that the salary of pharmacists in AZ grew at a decent rate of 1.20% from the year 2017 to 2021. In 2020, the pharmacists’ salary growth remained negative but a significant hike of 4.62% was recorded in the year (2017), due to the augmented demand of pharmacists in the state.

Year Average Annual Salary Growth
2017$124,970 4.62%

Employment Growth (2017-2021)

From 2017 to 2021, Arizona has employed pharmacists at a promising growth rate of 21.53%. Growing population in the state created consistent demand for pharmacists, especially in the last year the growth of 14.43% in negative, employing over 7,000 pharmacists in AZ.

Year Employment Growth

Industry Wise Income and Employment (2021)

Retail Pharmacies in Arizona employ the largest number; recruiting 2,820 pharmacists and paying around $114,030 per annum, whereas Hospitals employ 1,830 pharmacists and pay $127,880 annually. Retail Pharmacies pay the lowest annual salary of $114,030 to 2,820 pharmacists working there.

Industry Employment Hourly Salary Annual Salary
Retail Pharmacies2,820$54.83 $114,030
Hospitals1,830$61.48 $127,880
Grocery Stores540$55.55 $115,550
Other General Merchandise Stores440$60.95 $126,790
Outpatient Care Centers160$69.68 $144,940

Arizona Metro Wise - Salary and Employment (2021)

The metropolitan areas of Arizona employ and pay pharmacists, based on their requirements and demand. The largest number of pharmacists is employed in Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale, whereas the highest annual salary of $127,790 is paid by Flagstaff. Sierra Vista-Douglas has the lowest number of pharmacists, earning $123,710 annually. Tucson pays the lowest annual salary of $46,830 to the entry level pharmacists whereas Flagstaff pays the highest starting salary of $137,600 per annum. Wisely, select the Arizonian city when you apply for the post of a pharmacist.

AREA_TITLE Employment Hourly Annual Starting Salary Experienced Salary
Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale 4,980 $58.14 $120,930 $60,280 $163,360
Tucson 1,080 $56.23 $116,960 $46,830 $162,440
Prescott 170 $59.56 $123,880 $50,120 $166,060
Lake Havasu City-Kingman 160 $61.44 $127,790 $47,780 $164,980
Flagstaff 100 $66.15 $137,600 $101,650 $167,710
Yuma 100 $64.55 $134,270 $77,940 $163,900
Sierra Vista-Douglas 90 $59.47 $123,710 $77,940 $161,800

Pharmacist Employment Outlook in AZ (2020-2030)

Despite the automation in pharmacies all over, Arizona will continue to hire Pharmacists at a whooping employment rate of 16.15% as per the projection for next 10 years; it is 13.8% higher when compared to the predicted national employment rate at 2.35%. It is expected that Arizona will open 470 job vacancies for pharmacists every year. The companies from health care sector like Walgreens, Humana, Sun Life Family Health Center, Havasu Regional Medical Center, Albertsons Companies, and UnitedHealth Group will be the top recruiters of pharmacists all across the state.

2020 Employment 2030 EmploymentPercent ChangeProjected Annual Job Openings
United States323,500331,1002.35%13,600

Pharmacist Arizona VS Pharmacist National

Arizona pharmacists earn marginally higher than the national average. The average annual salary earned by pharmacists in Arizona is $120,880, which is -3.83% lower than the national average. Hourly remuneration earned by part time Arizona pharmacists is $58.12, which is again lower by -3.82% compared to the national average.

TypeArizona SalaryUS SalaryDifference% Difference
Hourly Wage$58.12 $60.43 -2.31-3.83%
Monthly Salary$10,070 $10,470 -400-3.82%
Annual Salary $120,880 $125,690 -4,810-3.83%

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