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Tennessee is the 16th most populous state in America. The pharmaceutical industry is booming and rapid advances are being made in administration of drugs and medicines. What's more, Tennessee ranks among the top 10 travel destinations in the U.S. Thus, a huge populace along with an influx of tourists translates in to an increased demand for prescription drugs and consequently pharmacy technicians. According to the BLS, the average annual salary of a pharmacy technician here is $32,270. If you are deciding to enroll yourself into a Pharmacy Technician program it is feasible for you to know the best schools in the state of Tennessee. Out of the 28 schools that offer this program we have ranked the top 8 ASHP accredited pharmacy technician schools in Tennessee.

8 Best ASHP Accredited Pharmacy Technician Schools in Tennessee for 2022

(Following is a list of schools offering the best pharmacy technician programs in Tennessee)

#1. Concorde Career College - Memphis

Located at Memphis, the Concorde Career College owns and operates proprietary, post-secondary institutes which offer career training in the growing field of healthcare. Concorde prepares committed students for thriving employment in a satisfying healthcare career. They provide professional education through high calibre training, real-world experience and student-centered support. They provide support services, financial assistance, career services, and student services. At Concorde, every Pharmacy Technician course-work gets you ready to directly apply your knowledge to a work setting through a combination of theory and hands-on training experiences. The pharmacy technician program here consists of - anatomy, physiology, first aid, pharmacy laws and ethics, drug interactions, and computers.

Accreditation: ASHP
Program Length: 9 to 12 months for the Certificate Program and up to 2 years for Associate Degree Program

#2. Tennessee College of Applied Technology - Memphis & Murfreesboro

Tennessee College of Applied Technology has 8 campuses in the state - Athens, Dickson, Jacksboro, Livingston, Memphis, Murfreesboro, Oneida-Huntsville, and Pulaski. They provide competency-based superior quality education for employment and job advancement. The college contributes to the economic and community development of the area served by training and retraining employed workers. They are committed to ensuring that the programs are reasonable and accessible to all residents of Tennessee. It offers a Certificate program in pharmacy technology and the syllabus consists of - Pharmacy Fundamentals, Pharmaceutical Math, Principles of Dispensing Medications, Principles of Sterile Medication Preparations, Pharmacology, Pharmacy Practicum, and Advance Pharmacy Principles.

Accreditation: ASHP
Program Length: 9 to 12 months for the Certificate Program

#3. Roane State Community College - Harriman

Roane State Community College is a two year college located in eastern Tennessee. It was founded in 1969, and serves more than 6000 students enrolled for its various programs. Roane State Community College continuously strives towards providing an engaging learning environment by adopting new learning techniques. You will be exposed to a broader learning curve which emphasises on critical thinking and communication skills. The Certificate in Pharmacy Technology which is available at the Oak Ridge campus starts at the fall year. Students are trained to function as pharmacy technicians in community and organized healthcare pharmacy settings. Graduates of the program usually go on to obtain the PTCB certification.

Accreditation: ASHP
Program Length: 2 semesters for the Certificate program

#4. Southwest Tennessee Community College - Memphis

Southwest Tennessee Community College located in Memphis, Tennessee is a community college offering a two-semester certificate program in pharmacy technology. The 31-credit program has two start dates one in fall (deadline: November) and the other in spring (deadline: July). This short and comprehensive course includes an introduction to pharmacy operations, sterile products, third party reimbursements, measurements and calculations and pharmacology. To ensure students gain real world experience in the functioning, of a pharmacy Southwest Tennessee has partnered with PioneerRX. Graduation requires students to complete all units of classroom instruction with a minimum "C" and the clinical rotation with a minimum "B" average or above.

Accreditation: ASHP
Program Length: 2 semesters for the Certificate program

#5. Walters State Community College - Morristown

Walters State Community College is located at Morristown; it is a learning-centered, all-inclusive community college which was instituted in 1970 to provide reasonably priced and quality education for the residents of East Tennessee. The college delivers public service and non-credit programs to support workforce development and personal enhancement. The school employs highly qualified faculty and provides handy access through multiple campuses and advanced technology. It also partners with other institutions to encourage contact and to assist in articulation and transfer. It assesses and responds to community requirements as well as provides opportunities to promote diversity and improving cultural awareness. The school provides a Certificate and an Associate Degree and the course-work comprises of - Pharmacy operations, Pharmaceutical Calculations, Pharmacology, Institutional Pharmacy and Community Pharmacy.

Accreditation: ASHP
Program Length: 9 to 12 months for the Certificate Program and up to 2 years for Associate Degree Program

#6. Remington College - Memphis

Tennessee has 2 Remington institutes, one at Memphis and one at Nashville. The classes focus on hands-on more than hands-off education. You will get the benefit of your faculty's industry experience, insights, and first-hand knowledge. Their Admissions, Academic, Student Finance, and Career Services teams offer services every step of the way. They offer full support and commitment to the communities and are involved in training the students to make a difference to the local environment. Quality education will be provided to help attain your vocation goals and they provide a better chance for your future. The Certificate and Associate Degree Pharmacy Technician program coursework includes Pharmacy Fundamentals, Principles of Dispensing Medications, Principles of Sterile Medication Preparations, Pharmacology, Pharmacy Practicum, and Advance Pharmacy Principles.

Accreditation: ASHP
Program Length: 9 to 12 months for the Certificate Program and up to 2 years for Associate Degree Program

#7. Fortis Institute - Cookeville

Fortis Institute is two year private for-profit school founded in 1970. It is located in Cookeville, Tennessee. The college offers a Diploma in Pharmacy Technician where students learn to understand the laws and ethics of pharmacy, common drug interactions and their side effects and pharmaceutical agents and their uses. Graduates of the program are taught industry ready skills which are preferred by the employers. The small class sizes ensure individual attention is given to each of its students.

Accreditation: ASHP
Program Length: 10 months for the Diploma program

#8. Chattanooga State Community College - Chattanooga

Chattanooga State Community College is a public, comprehensive community college located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It was established in the early 1960's and in 1965 established itself as the first technical college in Tennessee. This college boasts of an impressive placement rate of 100% and a licensure pass rate of 89.5%. The college offers a 12 month Certificate program to aspiring students of Pharmacy Technology. This program prepares students with the skills and techniques required to fill prescriptions, constitute IV solutions, prepare medications. The dedicated faculty and conducive learning environment ensure students successfully complete the program by passing the PTCB exam.

Accreditation: ASHP
Program Length: 12 months for the Certificate

Daymar College - Clarksville & Murfreesboro

Daymar College established in 1963 offers a 12 months certificate program and an 18 months associate degree program at its locations in- Clarksville & Murfreesboro. Daymar College offers training in more than 30 different academic areas. The college boasts of a warm and friendly atmosphere where is nurtures students to attain careers of their choice. The syllabus for pharmacy technician program at Daymar includes - Medical terminology, Anatomy, Physiology, Patho-physiology, Pharmacy laws and ethics, Pharmacy calculations, Pharmacy operations and Computers.

Ross Medical Education Center - Johnson City & Knoxville

Ross Medical Education Center has been providing healthcare education in Midwest and Southern United States. Ross Medical Education Center offers pharmacy technician training in TN at its campuses in - Johnson city and Knoxville. The college promises to offer quality, practical and flexible learning to attain your career goals. The pharmacy technician program at Ross can be completed in as little as 36 weeks. Students will be instructed in - Pharmacy ethics and laws, medical and pharmaceutical terminology, drug procurement, manufacturing operations, inventory and compounding methods. Upon completion of the course-work, you will gain entry-level employment at community and hospital pharmacies.

Programs Currently on Hold or Discontinued

Virginia College - Chattanooga & Knoxville

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