About us

Pharmacy Technician is a growing career in the U.S. and is vital to the ever mushrooming pharmaceutical industry in the country. Whether it is the different regulatory requirements for every state, or a number of study options, interview questions or just some frequently asked questions, it can be daunting to get through the relevant details from a barrage of information that is available online.

Who are WE?

Our core team comprises of an expert in education and career training since a decade, having past experience of working as a pharmacy technician and a passionate teacher who has been mentoring young minds since the past 10 years. Being educators, we both clearly understand the need of simple and precise information, especially when it comes to students. In June 2016, we started working on this site, looking at making it a complete guide for anyone wanting to gather information about the pharmacy technician career. The two of us juggled our day jobs along with building content for this site and over a period of 18 months have meticulously compiled all the pertinent information in a simple format. This guide will take you through every relevant detail. Being in the field of education and career training since almost a decade, we have closely studied industry trends and are aware of what it takes to get onto the FastTrack of your career as a Pharmacy Technician.

We are always looking out for volunteer writers connected to the pharmacy technology field, who can contribute valuable content to the site and guide aspiring pharmacy technicians.

We have kept all the information up to date to the best of our knowledge, however if you still come across any mistake please bring it to our notice using our contact page. We will be more than glad to correct it.

Here's to a rewarding career as a Pharmacy Technician!