Interview With Tekia Rocker Program Director and Instructor at Remington College

About: Tekia Rocker currently serves as the Pharmacy Technician Program Director and Instructor at Remington College in Mobile, Alabama. Tekia achieves operational objectives by creating strategic, retention and improvement plans, implements change management and enhances the department and organization's reputation through marketing the Pharmacy Technician program and building relations with community professionals, local school systems and businesses. Tekia is a graduate of the University of Mobile where she received a BS in Biology. Tekia also received an MBA in Healthcare Administration from Northcentral University. Tekia has worked as a pharmacy technician since 2007 and brings experience from various sectors such as hospital, retail, specialty, and long-term care. Tekia enjoys spending her free time with family, reading and volunteering.

What made you take up the position of a pharmacy technician program director?

I accepted the position as the Pharmacy Technician Program Director to improve and implement much needed changes to the program that would be beneficial for our student population. My desire was to utilize my experience in hospital, retail, compounding, and long-term care pharmacies to create a training environment that simulated the workflow of an actual working pharmacy.

Can you tell us about the challenges which students usually face during a pharmacy technician program?

The major challenge that students face is the separation of personal life and school. Many students have to work to provide for their families while they are training for a new career. I have seen many students decide not to continue the program due to the increase in adversity as they progress.

According to you, which is more preferable, an online or an on-campus program?

I think an on-campus program is more beneficial for a pharmacy technician program. Pharmacy technician students need hands-on training. On-campus training is the only way to accomplish this.

What advice do you give your students to achieve success in the pharmacy technician program?

I often encourage my students to keep an open mind and a positive attitude. Once they close their mind, they will never be able to master the material that is causing them to struggle. Every problem has a solution.

How is the pharmacy technician profession evolving?

The pharmacy technician profession is constantly evolving. With the addition of more patient specific programs and administration of immunizations to the Pharmacist daily duties, technician roles are evolving and expanding. Pharmacy technicians now have access to a wide array of jobs that were nonexistent five to ten years ago. Proper training through a reputable pharmacy technician program can open up great opportunities for the future pharmacy technician.

We extend a big thank you to Tekia Rocker for giving our readers useful career advice.