Pharmacy Technician Schools - Ranking Methodology

Why we ranked the Best Pharmacy Technician Schools?

Our team at believes that with scores of options in a student's life available these days, it is vital that they get access to the best and most relevant educational resources that can make a difference in their lives. Since we have been in this field, we understand what it takes to succeed as a student of Pharmacy Technology. Keeping this in mind, we feel the need to provide the best alternatives a student can have to pursue his/her Pharmacy Technology education and hence we came up with ranking the Best Pharmacy Technician schools.

Our Ranking Methodology

Our pharmacy technician schools ranking methodology is a combination of cost, quality of education, and student friendly services offered by the schools. Our data comes from the National Center for Education Statistics as well as the schools' websites. Our team at has worked its best towards the ranking of schools; however we recommend, in addition to using our rankings as a starting point, you look into other factors of the school as well before making the final choice. The following are the details of our ranking methodology:

Average Tuition Cost (20%)

Tuition Costs vary from school to school. Tuition Costs are the determining factor for most students in their selection of a pharmacy technician school. What we have looked into is the true value for money that pharmacy technician schools are offering. Affordability of a program constitutes 20% of our ranking methodology.

Graduation Rate (20%)

The graduation rate of a school is one of the important statistics to measure while evaluating a pharmacy technician school as it indicates success of a college in helping students to attain their academic goals. A higher graduation rate indicates a significant number of students graduating from the program within the stipulated time frame. Considering a college's graduation rate constitutes 20% of our ranking methodology.

Student-to-Faculty Ratio (15%)

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the national average for school student-to-faculty ratios is 18:1. So anything equivalent to the national average or lower is considered to be a beneficial student-to-faculty ratio. Smaller classes mean more one to one attention and you will get more opportunities to get involved in classroom discussions. Even when it comes to the practicum you will get better opportunities to choose your preferred clinical site. The student-faculty ratio of a school constitutes 15% of our ranking methodology.

Loan Default Rate (15%)

Loan Default Rate is the percentage of students who have graduated from a pharmacy technician school and have defaulted on their student loans within a three-year period. You should factor the percentage of graduates who have failed to repay their loan. It is a red flag when the Loan Default rate is greater than the graduation rate. Even if the school's graduation rate is higher, a school with a high loan default rate should not be on your choice as it means the school has not prepared its students for a successful career post-graduation. Considering a school's loan default rate constitutes 15% of our ranking methodology.

Percentage of Enrolled Students Taking Federal Loan (15%)

If you are someone looking in for financial aid then you should consider the percentage of enrolled students taking federal loans. Federal loans are preferred over private loans as they have more comfortable payment options. We have looked into this criterion and it constitutes 15% of our ranking methodology. Rating (15%)

Apart from the factors mentioned above, we have looked into reviews, the reputation a school carries and rankings the school has earned over the past one year. Additionally each school was evaluated for its spectrum of extra-curricular activities and student friendly services it offers such as career counselling, tutoring and day care centers for students with parental responsibilities. The campus location was also considered and how enriching is the educational experience at the school was looked into. Our team's rating at, considering these factors constitutes 15 percent of our rating methodology.

Congratulation to All Schools That Made it to Our Rankings

Finally, for this remarkable achievement, we applaud all schools that have made it to our ranking list, for their contribution towards Pharmacy Technician Education. Congratulations! to the dedicated Pharmacy Technician program directors and instructors for their commitment and relentless pursuit towards the success of their pharmacy technician students.