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Rapid strides in the pharmaceutical arena render the job of a pharmacy technician a covetous one in the state of Oklahoma. Prospects for pharmacy technicians in Oklahoma are excellent and the average annual wages in the state are $34,750. The state has 6 schools which offer training programs. As experts advice formal schooling, is essential to pick the best from this small choice to complete your pharmacy technician education. We have ranked the Top 3 Pharmacy Technician Schools in Oklahoma based on our methodology, taking into account factors, such as tuition cost, student faculty ratio and graduation rate. Learn more about the top pharmacy schools, state requirements and job prospects for pharmacy technician in Oklahoma on this page.

3 Best Pharmacy Technician Schools in Oklahoma for 2024

(Following is a list of schools offering the best pharmacy technician programs in Oklahoma)

#1. Tulsa Technology Center - Tulsa, OK

With a vision of attaching their success to the accomplishment of their students, Tulsa Technology Center located in Tulsa offers a 9-month pharmacy technician certificate training program. Tulsa Tech provides financial assistance to qualifying students. The curriculum requires you to complete 300 hours of instruction, 140 hours of simulation and 160 hours of clinical training. You will learn compounding techniques, fill prescriptions, maintain inventory and all other skills required to smoothly assist a licensed pharmacist to successfully run the pharmacy. The coursework here will also prepare you for PTCE and EXCPT certification exams. This ASHP accredited program has partnered with local businesses to help find employment for its students upon graduation.

Accreditation: ASHP
Program Type: Certificate
Program Length: 39 Weeks

#2. Tulsa Community College - Metro, OK

Every year around 27,000 students are educated by a team of highly competent faculty at state of the art facilities by the Tulsa Community College (TCC). TCC offers a 16-week ASHP accredited pharmacy technician training program at its Metro campus. The program has two start dates one in January and the other in August. Only 24 students are selected for this program. The program combines high level of classroom instructions with real life experience at local community and institutional pharmacies. The college also houses a state of the art pharmacy lab where students learn compounding and other important skills. Upon completion of the program you will be ready to work as a pharmacy technician and also be prepared to take the PTCB certification exam.

Accreditation: ASHP
Program Type: Certificate
Program Length: 16 weeks

#3. Meridian Technology Center - Stillwater-OK

With a mission to educate and enrich lives Meridian Technology Center has been offering full time career training programs since 1975 at Stillwater, OK. At Meridian Technology Center you can complete an Advanced Pharmacy Technician Certificate Program in around 22 weeks. In this program you will learn the names of commonly used medications and the side effects associated with them. You will master compounding techniques and how to dispense medications. You will also be able to fill prescriptions using advanced robotic equipment which are now being using at renowned pharmacies. You will also be able to create prescriptions such as IVs and chemotherapy medications using sterile procedures. Upon successful completion of the program you will be ready to take up the job of a pharmacy technician either at a retail or hospital pharmacy.

Program Type: Advanced Pharmacy Technician Certificate Program
Program Length: 22 Weeks

What are the Requirements to Work as a Pharmacy Technician in Oklahoma?

Registration/Licensure Yes
Training Yes
Certification No
Pharmacy Technician to Pharmacist ratio2 to 1
Continuing Education No
Certification Maintenance No

Education: Training is required by the State Board of Pharmacy in Oklahoma and must be under the directive of a pharmacist. A record of the training must be maintained. You complete the training in two phases. Phase 1of the training is done at the pharmacy where you are employed. Phase 2 is also on-the-job training at the pharmacy, and can commence after you receive your license. Phase 2 must be completed within a period of 90 days after you obtain your license.

Experts additionally recommend formal schooling to prepare you better with all the relevant knowledge and skills required for the job. If you are opting for formal training in Oklahoma ensure that you pick a school which is ASHP accredited - American Society of Health-System Pharmacists. Additionally, you must decide if you want to complete a certificate course of 9 months or an associated degree course of 2 years. What's more, fill up the FAFSA for financial aid.

Certification: The state does not require certification to work as a pharmacy technician. On the other hand, certification guarantees a quick job placement as well as higher wages.

Licensure: Pharmacy technicians are regulated in Oklahoma. It is mandatory that you get a license in order to practice. First and foremost you must complete Phases 1 and 2 of the Pharmacy Technician On-the-Job Training Program. Both phases are under the administration of the pharmacist where you are employed. Licenses expire on the last day of the birth month of the candidate and must be renewed annually.

Average Salary of a Pharmacy Technician in Oklahoma

The job scene for pharmacy techs in Oklahoma is really good; moreover it has been estimated that there will be a 15.19% job augmentation between the years 2020 - 2030. On an average a pharmacy technician earns $34,750 annually in OK. Warehouse Market Pharmacy, Ken's Pharmacy, Freeland Brown Pharmacy, SGS, Wilson Pharmacy, CSI Companies, Walmart, Walgreens and CVS Health provide a host of job openings in Oklahoma.

Pharmacy Technicians Currently Working in OK 10 Year Job GrowthAnnual Vacancies Average Starting Salary Average Annual Salary
20202030% Growth

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