Ten Reasons Why a Pharmacy Technician Should Get Certified

The simple reason, as a pharmacy technician aspirant, you should consider certification lies in the fact that you are reading this article at this point of time, contemplating a certification. When a high school graduate can get a career head start into being a pharmacy technician straight out of school, then why spend time and money getting certified? The answer to this question lies in the following article where we highlight ten most important reasons to become a certified as a pharmacy technician:

1) Employability: Although certification is not mandatory in many states, employers prefer certified pharmacy technicians. In some states however, where certification is mandatory an individual must be certified to work as a pharmacy technician. The certification being valid across the country, a certified pharmacy tech has wider job prospects and once certified, can work in any state.

2) Higher Salaries: Certified pharmacy technicians are usually preferred vis-a-vis uncertified ones, hence always in demand in the job market. Considering this fact they are in a better position to demand higher salaries. It addition to this, they find it easier to land jobs that offer consistent merit raises and cost of living increases.

3) Adding Credibility at a Negligible Cost: Certification adds credibility to an aspiring pharmacy technician's resume. While the cost of certification is a meagre $129 for the PTCB board and $ 105 for the NHA exam, it adds much more value to the resume of a job seeker and hence makes it completely worth it.

4) Continuing Learning: Continuing education is a pre-requisite for renewal of certification every two years. A pharmacy technician stays up to date with latest developments in the pharmaceutical world with the 20 hours of learning which are required to apply for renewal.

5) Patients Feel Reassured: In some states where certification is mandatory to obtain licensure it reassures patients as the registration certificate is put on display in the pharmacy at all times. Additionally pharmacy technicians are expected to wear a name-tag while on work indicating they are licensed. Patients feel rest assured when they know their prescription is being processed by a pharmacy technician, who is governed by regulations.

6) Shows Dedication: An individual working as a pharmacy technician seeking certification goes to show he/she is dedicated to his profession and takes his/her job seriously. It highlights the fact that the person is sincere and cares enough to do all the coursework required to take the exam. This could well, mean an impending promotion and a better work profile.

7) Increased Self-Confidence: Confidence makes all the difference in one's career. Certification equips a pharmacy technician with all the necessary knowledge and skills required for his job. As certification calls for taking an exam; it requires preparation in topics including pharmacology, pharmacy law and regulations, inventory management, to name just a few, which in turn prepares him/her well for the job. This not only has a positive effect on the pharmacy technician, himself/herself but also on the employer and patients alike.

8) Choice of Shifts: Some pharmacies are open round the clock and hence pharmacy technicians are expected to work late night shifts. A certified pharmacy technician stands a better chance to request a convenient shift time due to the credibility he brings to his job because of certification.

9) Enhances Job Stability: It is very likely that even in the states where certification is not mandatory, it could become a requirement to being a pharmacy technician in the future. In such a scenario, not being certified can cost a pharmacy technician his/her job. To stabilize one's career in any state he/she may be working in, certification is highly recommended.

10) Its Super Quick Way to Start a Career: Certification takes anywhere from 6 to 9 months and can also be done in the distant learning method. Exam preparation resources are easily available online on the PTCB website. A student can complete the course from the comforts of his/her home and work at his/her own convenient time.

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