Typical Work Day of a Pharmacy Technician at The Top 5 Retail Pharmacies

A pharmacy technician plays a vital role in the pharmaceutical world today. Retail pharmacies are the largest hirers of pharmacy technicians across the country. Regardless of where they are placed, they work under the supervision of a pharmacist. In the following article, you will know more about the duties of pharmacy technicians in CVS, Kroger, Rite-Aid, Walgreens and Safeway.

Duties at CVS

As a Pharmacy Technician at CVS, you will work as part of a team. You need to collaborate with pharmacists to ensure patients receive quality care. Your general duties will include greeting customers, dispensing medications under the direct supervision of the pharmacist, sorting pills, creating and affixing labels and boosting sales.

• You will need to look up at the duty board in the store. The pharmacy is setup in four sections, i.e. drop off, production and pickup. Drop-off is where you must input all the prescriptions.

• The next is production where the prescription will be processed and verified by the pharmacist. Pickup is where you will dispense the medication to the patient. The duties keep rotating throughout the day.

• At some locations, which contain drive-thru windows, you are required to operate them.

Duties at Kroger

At Kroger, you are required to check the duty board before you start for the day to check whether you need to be at the drop or pickup window.

• You will require to process prescriptions, dispense medication, manage billing and ring the customers out.

• You assist patients with their queries and may refer them to the pharmacist.

• You will need to manage the stock and at times do housekeeping duties like taking out the trash and keeping the pharmacy clean.

• At some locations, which contain drive-thru windows you are required to operate them.

Duties at Rite-Aid

The Rite-aid pharmacy is a typical healthcare setting. You will start your day at 6.00 am.

• As soon as you report to work, you are expected to do the recounts of all medications, make sure there are no phone messages or emails as far as pharmacy refills went.

• You then get ready to serve customers at the pharmacy counter. You are expected to greet patients, answer calls, process prescriptions and dispense medications.

• Other duties will include counting and measuring drugs, maintaining inventory levels, handling cash, processing payments, issuing receipts, looking into the pricing of drug orders and maintaining daily and weekly reports.

• As a pharmacy technician at Rite-aid, you are expected to multi-task efficiently with hardly any breaks.

Duties at Walgreens

As a pharmacy technician at Walgreens, you are required to assist a pharmacist, in accordance with the state, federal and company policy.

• You are expected to perform duties such as filling prescription by retrieving, counting and pouring pharmaceutical drugs.

• You are required to adhere to the policy regarding Good Faith Dispensing during all applicable prescription dispensing activities.

• As part of your duty, you are expected to handle telephone calls.

Duties at Safeway

Safeway is an Equal Opportunity Employer welcoming diverse talent and backgrounds.

• As a pharmacy technician at Safeway, you will assist the pharmacist in filling prescriptions.

• You are expected to retrieve, pour, count, labels, reconstitute medications, prepare third party insurance claims, maintain the cleanliness of the pharmacy, including restrooms, follow proper pharmacy and general safety and security procedures and processes.


The basic duties of pharmacy technicians remain the same, irrespective of the retail pharmacy you work for. While Kroger has added house-keeping duties, at CVS as a pharmacy technician, you are expected to boost sales as part of your duty.

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