2021 Pharmacist Salary in Nevada

If you are hunting for a Pharmacist job in Nevada, it is good to consider some factors that can influence your salary in the state. On an average, a pharmacist's salary in Nevada is $124,860 per annum. Retail Pharmacies employ the largest number of pharmacists; General Merchandise Stores pay the highest annual salary, whereas Department Stores employ least number of pharmacists and pay the lowest salary in Nevada. City wise – Las Vegas-Henderson-Paradise employs largest number of pharmacists, Las Vegas-Henderson-Paradise pays the lowest and Carson City pays the highest annual salary in the state. According to BLS, Nevada is expected to employ over 50 pharmacists every year until 2028, representing 10.98% employment growth.

Average Salary of Pharmacist in Nevada

If you work as a full time Pharmacist in Nevada, you can earn an average salary of $124,860 annually and if you work as a part timer, your average remuneration can be $60.03 per hour. The salary of pharmacists in Nevada grows at a consistent pace.

Type Average Salary
Hourly Wage $60.03
Monthly Salary $10,410
Annual Salary $124,860

Pharmacist Salary by Experience in NV

Depending on the working experience, the average annual salary of pharmacists in NV ranges between $99,870 and $162,170. At the beginning of your career as a pharmacist, you can earn up to $99,870 per year. With 1-4 years of experience, you can make $113,420 annually. Following which, as you keep gaining experience, you can earn a higher salary. A 20+ years of experienced pharmacist makes around $162,170 every year.

Level of Experience Hourly Annual
Less than 1 year (Starting) $48.02 $99,870
1-4 years $54.53 $113,420
5-9 years $61.61 $128,140
10-19 years $71.39 $148,490
20 years or more $77.97 $162,170

Salary Growth

From 2015 to 2019, the average annual salary of pharmacists in NV grew at a consistent rate of 4.18%. The lowest growth was in 2015 when salary grew barely 0.08% but in the following years, Nevada registered its own record growth of 2.82% in 2016 and 2.30% in 2017. The salary is expected to grow higher in coming years due to increased demand of pharmacists in the state.

Year Average Annual Salary Growth
2015 $119,950 0.08%
2016 $123,430 2.82%
2017 $126,330 2.30%
2018 $124,430 -1.53%
2019 $124,860 0.34%
Total $5,010 4.18%

Employment Growth

Except from the year 2013-2014 when pharmacists' employment growth was 8.10%, in the negative, Nevada has showed an impressive employment growth of more than 5%, overall from 2013 to 2017. In 2015, the state employed pharmacists at a whopping 13.99% growth rate. The data suggests that NV will continue to hire pharmacists at a decent pace and may add 50 pharmacists each year all across the state until 2028.

Year Employment Growth
2015 2,200 12.27%
2016 2,340 5.98%
2017 2,460 4.88%
2018 2,490 1.20%
2019 2,470 -0.81%
Total 540 27.98%

Industry Wise Income and Employment

Department Stores in Nevada hire the least number of pharmacists and pay the lowest annual salary of $122,510. Retail Pharmacies employ the largest number of 1,060 pharmacists whereas; General Merchandise stores pay the highest salary of $128,370, annually to the Nevada pharmacists.

IndustryEmployment Hourly SalaryAnnual Salary
Retail Pharmacies 1,060 $59.12 $122,980
Hospitals 610 $60.93 $126,710
Grocery Stores 190 $60.69 $126,210
Other General Merchandise Stores 140 $61.72 $128,370
Department Stores 60 $58.91 $122,510

Nevada Metro Wise - Salary and Employment

There's a huge difference in the salary of pharmacists working in Carson City and that of those in Reno. On one hand, where an entry level pharmacist in Carson City can make $115,270 annually, a Reno pharmacist earns only $99,450 per year. The annual salary also ranges from $127,630 in Reno to $142,560 annually in Carson City. Las Vegas-Henderson-Paradise employ the largest number of pharmacists and pay a salary of $122,800 per annum. Undoubtedly, Carson City can fetch you the best annual income in the state.

Area NameEmploymentHourlyAnnualStarting SalaryExperienced Salary
Las Vegas-Henderson-Paradise1,830 $59.04 $122,800 $97,930$161,560
Reno490 $61.36$127,630$99,450$161,710
Carson City40$68.54$142,560$115,270$166,300

Pharmacist Employment Outlook in NV

Walmart, Carson Tahoe Health, Renown Health, CVS Health Retail and many other companies in healthcare sector continuously look for proficient pharmacists in Nevada. As per projection until 2028, NV is expected to employ pharmacists at 10.98% growth rate, offering over 50 job vacancies every year to the aspiring pharmacists. This estimated employment growth rate is 11% higher than the national average at 0.06% in negetive. NV definitely provides impetus opportunities to pharmacists.

2018 Employment 2028 EmploymentPercent ChangeProjected Annual Job Openings
Nevada 820 910 10.98% 50
United States 314,300 314,100 -0.06% 14,100

Pharmacist Nevada VS Pharmacist National

The hourly, monthly and annual salary of pharmacists in Nevada is approximately 0.52% lower than the national average. Nevada pharmacists earn average annual salary of $124,860 compared to national average salary at $125,510 per annum.

Type Nevada Salary US SalaryDifference% Difference
Hourly Wage $60.03 $60.34 -$0.31 -0.52%
Monthly Salary $10,410 $10,460 -$50 -0.48%
Annual Salary $124,860 $125,510 -$650 -0.52%