2022 Pharmacist Salary in Ohio

If you are looking to establish your career as a Pharmacist in Ohio, then your expertise, your experience and your employer can play an essential role in deciding your annual salary. Currently, Pharmacists in Ohio make an average annual salary of $117,890. The 7th most populous state of the nation, Ohio is a wonderful working location where you can expect 540 job openings every year for the position of Pharmacist at a growth rate of 1.45% In negetive for next 10 years, as projected by BLS. Industries like Retail Pharmacies and Hospitals hire the most number of pharmacists in OH whereas 3Cs: Cleveland-Elyria, Cincinnati and Columbus are the top three cities which have the largest employment rate of the pharmacists. However Canton-Massillon is the Ohioan city which pays the highest average salary of $126,220 per annum.

Average Salary of Pharmacist in Ohio

If you want to work as a part time pharmacist in Ohio, your average remuneration will be $56.68 per hour - broadly depending up on your experience and job location. For full timers, the average annual salary of Pharmacists in Ohio is $117,890.

Type Average Salary
Hourly Wage $56.68
Monthly Salary $9,820
Annual Salary $117,890

Pharmacist Salary by Experience in OH

Experience is definitely a salary-deciding factor for pharmacists. The more experience you gain, the more money you bring home. On an average, as an entry level pharmacist in OH, you can make $66,490 per year, with an experience of 5-9 years you can go on to make $124,350 which is more than double of the starting salary. Here forth, 10-19 years of experience can fetch you $140,060 and 20+ years of experience can make $158,090 annually. Certainly, working as a pharmacist for a longer term will prove highly rewarding.

Level of Experience Hourly Annual
Less than 1 year (Starting) $31.97 $66,490
1-4 years $52.85 $109,930
5-9 years $59.78 $124,350
10-19 years $67.34 $140,060
20 years or more $76.00 $158,090

Salary Growth (2016-2020)

The salary of pharmacists in OH grew at a rate of 2.48% from 2015-2020, adding an average $2,850 every year to the pay scale and it is expected to continue at this growth rate till 2028. However the average annual and hourly salary has been 6.03% lower than the national average, but Ohio has sustainable potential to offer higher salaries in the coming years.

Year Average Annual Salary Growth
2016 $115,310 0.23%
2017 $114,950 -0.31%
2018 $116,720 1.54%
2019 $117,020 0.26%
2020 $117,890 0.74%
Total $2,850 2.48%

Employment Growth (2016-2020)

At a rate of 9.20%, there was a sustainable employment growth of pharmacists in Ohio from 2015 to 2020. With over 12,590 pharmacists in 2016 to over 12,940 pharmacists in 2020, OH added over 1,090 pharmacists all across the state in these five years. You can expect the employment growth rate to continue growing at 1.45% in negative by 2028 as predicted in BLS reports.

Year Employment Growth
2016 12,590 6.24%
2017 12,720 1.03%
2018 12,500 -1.73%
2019 12,510 0.08%
2020 12,940 3.44%
Total 1,090 9.20%

Industry Wise Income and Employment (2021)

Industry is another deciding factor of your salary as a pharmacist in OH. Retail Pharmacies and Hospitals in Ohio hire the largest number of 5,540 and 3,240 pharmacists at an annual average salary of $115,450 and $120,570 respectively. Outpatient Care Centers hire least number of 280 pharmacists and also pay the lowest highest salary of $138,250 per annum.

Industry Employment Hourly Salary Annual Salary
Retail Pharmacies 5,540 $55.50 $115,450
Hospitals 3,240 $57.97 $120,570
Grocery Stores 1,050 $56.07 $116,630
Other General Merchandise Stores 310 $56.23 $116,960
Department Stores 280 $66.47 $138,250

Ohio Metro Wise - Salary and Employment (2021)

As your job location, you need to pick cities in Ohio very wisely in order to get truly rewarded of your position as a pharmacist. The salary of an entry level pharmacist in Toledo is as low as $35,080 per year whereas in Dayton it is multiple folds higher to $106,510. The 20+ year experienced pharmacists make $164,790 in Cincinnati (highest pay in the state) whereas with the same years of experience, pharmacists working in Toledo earn $147,740 (lowest pay in the state). Cleveland-Elyria, Cincinnati, Columbus and Toledo are the top four cities with the largest employment of 2,750, 2,390, 2,270 and 1,040 pharmacists respectively. Mansfield has the lowest number of just 80 pharmacists.

Area Name Employment Hourly Annual Starting Salary Experienced Salary
Cleveland-Elyria 2,750 $58.40 121,470 100,920 155,050
Cincinnati 2,390 $59.80 124,380 73,470 164,230
Columbus 2,270 $53.75 111,790 49,700 149,050
Toledo 1,040 $51.51 107,140 35,080 147,740
Akron 1,010 $50.67 105,390 39,260 157,490
Dayton, OH 990 $59.87 124,530 106,510 159,330
Youngstown-Warren-Boardman 500 $55.92 116,310 46,630 158,820
Canton-Massillon 440 $60.68 126,220 94,070 164,790
Lima 140 $57.72 120,050 97,290 150,200
Springfield 110 $56.08 116,650 65,490 160,470
Mansfield 80 $53.65 111,590 47,500 158,620

Pharmacist Employment Outlook in OH (2018-2028)

The health care centers like Anthem Inc, CVS Health Retail, Mount Carmel Health and many others ensure a suitable employment growth of Pharmacists in Ohio. By 2028, a number of 12,220 pharmacists are expected to establish their career in the state. In spite of the increased demand of prescription drugs, Ohio has a high employment growth rate of 1.45% in negative as against the national rate of 3.26% in negative. The reasons could be automation of pharmacies, use of robotics in dispensing medications and merger of big pharmacies which leads to cut down of pharmacist positions.

2018 Employment 2028 EmploymentPercent ChangeProjected Annual Job Openings
Ohio 12,40012,220-1.45%540
United States321,700311,200-3.26%11,200

Pharmacist Ohio VS Pharmacist National

Pharmacists in Ohio earn an average hourly wage of $56.68, monthly salary of $9,820 and annual salary of $117,890. It is approximately 6.03% lower than the national average salary.

TypeOhio SalaryUS SalaryDifference% Difference
Hourly Wage$56.68$60.32-3.64-6.03%
Monthly Salary$9,820$10,460-640-6.12%
Annual Salary $117,890$125,460-7,570-6.03%

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