2022 Pharmacist Salary in Oklahoma

Pharmacist salary in Oklahoma is decided by evaluating your individual qualification, education, capabilities, working experience and your job location and working industry in Oklahoma. Currently Oklahoma pharmacists earn an average annual salary of $121,060 which showed a growth of over 2.77% in last five years. Grocery stores in Oklahoma pay around $22,200 per annum more than that compared to the salary of pharmacists working at Outpatient Care Centers in OK. Concerning your work location, Lawton pays the lowest salaries to pharmacists; amongst all cities in Oklahoma, whereas you can earn the highest annual salary in Enid. BLS estimated around 170 job openings every year for the budding pharmacists in the state.

Average Salary of Pharmacist in Oklahoma

Pharmacists in Oklahoma earn an average income of $121,060 per annum which is 3.51% lower than the national average. Part time pharmacists in OK make an average wage of $58.20 per hour against the national average at $60.32.

Type Average Salary
Hourly Wage $58.20
Monthly Salary $10,090
Annual Salary $121,060

Pharmacist Salary by Experience in OK

Depending upon your pharmacist experience, your annual income in Oklahoma may vary from $93,150 to $152,540. As an entry level pharmacist, you may start with $93,150 per annum, with 1-4 years of experience, you make it $110,760 annually and with the increased number of experience, Oklahoma will raise your salary significantly. Within 10 years, you can expect to earn $122,770 annually and within 20 years, you can make $135,040 every year. Once you become an experienced pharmacist of 20+ years, you would bring home $152,540 per annum.

Level of Experience Hourly Annual
Less than 1 year (Starting) $44.78 $93,150
1-4 years $53.25 $110,760
5-9 years $59.02 $122,770
10-19 years $64.92 $135,040
20 years or more $73.34 $152,540

Salary Growth (2016-2020)

Apart from the last year 2017 when the average annual salary growth of pharmacist in Oklahoma was 5.54% in negative, Oklahoma has shown positive salary growth numbers. In 2016, OK raised the salaries of pharmacists at a rate of 2.62%, 2.56% in 2016. The salary average of last five years indicates a 2.77% jump, adding over $3,260 more to the salaries of pharmacists in Oklahoma.

Year Average Annual Salary Growth
2016 $120,890 2.62%
2017 $114,190 -5.54%
2018 $115,000 0.71%
2019 $116,170 1.02%
2020 $121,060 4.21%
Total $3,260 2.77%

Employment Growth (2016-2020)

In 2020, Oklahoma employed pharmacists with a growth rate of 1.35%, the highest in last five years. From 2016 Oklahoma has continuously slashed the positions of pharmacists in last three years. Overall, Oklahoma registered a negative employment growth of 1.05% from 2015 to 2020 owing to the adoption of automation of pharmacies across the state.

Year Employment Growth
2016 3,760 -1.05%
2017 3,710 -1.33%
2018 3,470 -6.47%
2019 3,710 6.92%
2020 3,760 1.35%
Total -40 -1.05%

Industry Wise Income and Employment (2021)

The annual salary of pharmacists working at Outpatient Care Centers in Oklahoma is $141,970 which is the highest among all industries, whereas the lowest is paid at Retail Pharmacies in OK. In Oklahoma, retail pharmacies employ the largest number of 1,610 pharmacists, hospitals employ 940 and grocery stores employ 300 and general merchandise stores employ 90 pharmacists.

Industry Employment Hourly Salary Annual Salary

Retail Pharmacies








Grocery Stores




Other General Merchandise Stores




Outpatient Care Centers




Oklahoma Metro Wise - Salary and Employment (2021)

Oklahoma City employs the largest number of 1,710 pharmacists, whereas Tulsa employs the second largest number of 720 pharmacists. However the highest annual salary is paid by Oklahoma City and Tulsa, whereas Lawton pays the lowest salary among all cities. If you are an entry level pharmacist and work in Oklahoma City, you can get $104,760 per annum, whereas working in Tulsa, will fetch you only $89,040 annually, which marks a huge difference of $15,720.

Area Name Employment Hourly Annual Starting Salary Experienced Salary
Oklahoma City 1,710 $60.28 125,390 104,760 154,040
Tulsa 720 $58.70 122,090 89,040 157,230
Lawton 100 $55.80 116,060 99,380 135,050
Enid 50 $57.32 119,220 96,240 147,710

Pharmacist Employment Outlook in OK (2018-2028)

As the pharmaceutical sector in Oklahoma is actively embracing automation of pharmacies, Oklahoma has cut down the position of pharmacists in last three years; however BLS estimated that the state will open over 170 job vacancies for aspiring pharmacists every year until 2028, representing a growth of 0.27% (keeping 2018 as our base year). The top recruiters of pharmacists in Oklahoma would be Walmart, Walgreens, University of Oklahoma, Guardian Pharmacy and many others. Oklahoma will provide fair opportunities for the aspiring pharmacists to establish their career in the state.

2018 Employment 2028 EmploymentPercent ChangeProjected Annual Job Openings
United States 321,700311,200-3.26%11,200

Pharmacist Oklahoma VS Pharmacist National

Oklahoma pharmacists fetch $58.20 per hour or $10,090 per month or $121,060 per year which is over 3% lower than the national average. The annual salaries mark a difference of $4,400.

TypeOklahoma SalaryUS SalaryDifference% Difference
Hourly Wage$58.20 $60.32 -2.12-3.51%
Monthly Salary$10,090 $10,460 -370-3.54%
Annual Salary $121,060 $125,460 -4,400-3.51%

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