2021 Pharmacy Technician Salary in California

Before you embark your journey as a Pharmacy technician in California, you would want to know how much you will make in one of the most expensive states to live in the country. Oakland, San Francisco, Hayward and Santa Rosa are the metropolitan areas that offer the highest pharmacy technician compensation. On an average, a pharmacy technician's salary in California is $45,200 per annum. While there has been an employment growth of approximately 9.59%, salaries of pharmacy technicians' in the state has increased by 13.83% from 2015 to 2019. Out of the 36,560 pharmacy technicians working in the state, 21,416 are certified by the PTCB board. There is a rising demand for pharmacy technicians in the state of California as there is an increased need to cater to a large aging population. Furthermore, new advances in pharmaceutical technology will create a demand for pharmacy technicians in administering these medications. According to the Projections of Employment by Occupation, jobs for pharmacy technicians in California are going to rise by 14.45 percent from 2018 and 2028.

Pharmacy Technician Average Salary in California

On an average a pharmacy technician earns $45,200 per year, which is substantially higher than the national average. Part-timers on an average earn an hourly wage of $21.73.

Type Average Salary
Hourly Wage $21.73
Monthly Salary $3,770
Annual Salary $45,200

Pharmacy Technician Salary by Experience in CA

If you are contemplating starting work as a pharmacy technician in California you can be rest assured of bringing back home the highest pay package in the country, starting with $29,970 in the first year. If you stick on to your job, your salary can rise to $35,390 in the first 1-4 years, increase to $43,280 in 5-9 years, eventually rising to $65,150 after 20 years of work experience. Furthermore, completing your pharmacy technician training form the top schools in the state may give your salary an added boost.

Level of Experience Hourly Annual
Less than 1 year (Starting) $14.41 $29,970
1-4 years $17.01 $35,390
5-9 years $20.81 $43,280
10-19 years $25.59 $53,230
20 years or more $31.32 $65,150

Total Number of PTCB Certified Pharmacy Techs in California: 21,416

In California certification is not a requirement to work as a pharmacy technician. Nonetheless getting yourself certified will certainly better your job prospects. Moreover employers prefer certified pharmacy technicians. PTCB certification is widely preferred in the state and currently there are 21,416 PTCB certified pharmacy technicians in CA.

Salary Growth

The average annual salary in the state for pharmacy technicians in 2019 was $45,200. In 2015, a pharmacy technician earned an annual salary of $40,170, thus showing increase of 13.83% from 2015 to 2019. One of the reasons responsible for this measly growth is that pharmacy technicians need very basic education requirements compared to other allied healthcare careers. In this state you can become a pharmacy technician with just a high school diploma.

Year Annual Salary Growth
2015 $40,170 1.16%
2016 $39,760 -1.02%
2017 $40,890 2.84%
2018 $42,610 4.21%
2019 $45,200 6.08%
Total $5,490 13.83%

Employment Growth

Being one of the highest paying states for pharmacy technicians in the US, California has also seen a healthy growth rate of 9% in the last 5 years. From 2018-2019, employment growth rate was 2.84% in negetive. With an expansion of health and personal care stores across the state as well as an increase in the aging population, the requirements for qualified pharmacy technicians remains rising across the state.

Year Employment Growth
2015 33,010 -1.05%
2016 34,870 5.63%
2017 36,920 5.88%
2018 37,630 1.92%
2019 36,560 -2.84%
Total 3,200 9.59%

Industry Wise Salary and Employment

In the state of California, retail pharmacies hire the highest number of pharmacy technicians, currently around 18,820 pharmacy technicians are employed by these stores. Hospitals are the second largest employers with 5,780 currently employed. Pharmacy technicians employed in hospitals earn the highest in CA with an average annual salary of $51,320 followed by department stores that pay around $47,570.

IndustryEmploymentHourly SalaryAnnual Salary
Retail Pharmacies 18,820 $20.51 $42,670
Hospitals5,780$24.67 $51,320
Grocery Stores 3,320 $19.92$41,440
Other General Merchandise Stores 1,230 $21.76 $45,250
Department Stores 760 $22.87$47,570

California City Wise Salary and Employment

The highest numbers of Pharmacy technicians are employed in Los Angeles-Long beach - Anaheim, earning an average salary of $45,270. Around 3,950 pharmacy technician workers, employed in Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario are earning an average income of $40,630. San Diego-Carlsbad has the 3rd highest number of pharmacy technicians in the state of California earning an average salary of $42,380. If you are looking for a job in Sacramento--Roseville--Arden-Arcade, you need to know there are 2,300 pharmacy technicians currently working in this area and you can expect to earn an average salary of $47,090.

Area NameEmploymentHourlyAnnualStarting SalaryExperienced Salary
Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim 12,710 $21.76 $45,270 $31,630 $62,180
San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward4,500$24.56 $51,090 $33,640 $75,550
Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario 3,950 $19.53 $40,630 $27,220 $57,820
San Diego-Carlsbad 2,840 $20.38 $42,380 $25,770 $61,800
San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara2,050$23.34$48,550$27,920$76,260
Oxnard-Thousand Oaks-Ventura560$21.12$43,930$33,320$62,010
Santa Rosa410$24.42$50,790$37,720$70,050
Salinas390$23.59 $49,060$34,400$71,000
Santa Maria-Santa Barbara 330$24.07$50,070$33,860$71,070
San Luis Obispo-Paso Robles-Arroyo Grande270$20.78$43,230$31,560$58,020
Santa Cruz-Watsonville270$21.40$44,510$30,670$62,790
Yuba City210$18.93$39,380$25,260$54,400
Hanford-Corcoran180$19.47$40,490 $32,340$51,430
El Centro140$18.26$37,980$24,380$52,510

    Pharmacy Tech Job Outlook in CA

    The employment growth in California looks quite promising for pharmacy technicians due to various factors such as a growing ageing population and expansion of pharmaceuticals across the state. Although not a very high paying field, due to very basic education requirements, the job outlook for pharmacy technicians is still encouraging. If you are someone who will enjoy working in a pharmacy store and are looking for a decent paying job with job stability then this is a right career for you in the state of California. Across the state around 35,300 pharmacy technicians are employed compared to 420,400 nationally. So, around 8.7% of the total pharmacy technicians in the U.S. work in California. Annually around 3,410 new pharmacy technician jobs are being created in California. According to BLS the employment for pharmacy technicians is expected to growth by 14.45% from 2018 to 2028 compared to 7.49% nationally so the employment outlook for pharmacy technicians is almost 7% better than the national projection.

    2018 Employment 2028 EmploymentPercent ChangeProjected Annual Job Openings
    California 35,300 40,400 +14.45% 3,410
    United States 420,400 451,900 +7.49% 38,300

    Pharmacy Technician California VS Pharmacy Technician National

    The salary a pharmacy technician earns in California is considerably higher than the national average by 22%. While the national average salary is $35,250, a pharmacy technician earns $45,200 in California.

    Type California Salary US SalaryDifference% Difference
    Hourly Wage $21.73 $16.95 +$4.78 +22.01%
    Monthly Salary $3,770 $2,940 +$830.00 +22.02%
    Annual Salary $45,200 $35,250 +$9,950.00 +22.01%