2021 Pharmacy Technician Salary in Illinois

Illinois also nicknamed as The Prairie State, employs 21,090 Pharmacy Technicians out of which a total of 12,267 are holding PTCB certification and earning an average annual pay scale of $34,700, as per the BLS reports. Growing at a pace of 5.30% annually, IL will hire 20,060 pharmacy technicians by 2028. If you are looking to work in IL - consider Danville - as it is the highest paying city offering an average annual salary of $34,920 and Chicago-Naperville-Elgin will be the second-best option as it pays an average of $34,240 per annum. There are 21 ASHP accredited schools which offer pharmacy training programs in Illinois. After graduation, you can straight away start making $23,340 annually, which can jump to $47,000 if you keep on working for 20 years or more.

Pharmacy Technician Average Salary in Illinois

Working as a Pharmacy tech in Illinois can fetch you an average annual salary of $34,700. IL pays you marginally lesser than the national average. However in cities like Chicago and Bloomington, the salary matches the national standards. If you are willing to work on hourly basis, your average remuneration will be $16.68 per hour.

Type Average Salary
Hourly Wage $16.68
Monthly Salary $2,890
Annual Salary $34,700

Pharmacy Technician Salary by Experience in IL

The average annual pharmacy technician salary in Illinois is $34,700. IL offers you a reasonable annual salary of $23,340 for the entry level Pharmacy Technicians, whereas an experience of 1-4 years can increase your annual salary to $27,090. Keeping up with a steady growth, 5-9 years of experience working as a Pharmacy tech will get you $32,110 and 10-19 years of experience in this field will get $38,470. If you worked as a Pharmacy technician for 2 decades or more, you can earn up to $47,000 annually.

Level of Experience Hourly Annual
Less than 1 year (Starting) $12.10 $25,160
1-4 years $13.56 $28,200
5-9 years $16.02 $33,320
10-19 years $18.92 $39,360
20 years or more $23.10 $48,040

Total Number of PTCB Certified Pharmacy Techs in Illinois: 12,267

If you want to work as a Pharmacy Technician in Illinois, do consider to get a PTCB certification. As of in the year 2019, there are around 12,267 PTCB Certified Pharmacy Techs working in the IL.

Illinois Salary Growth

From a pitiable negative annual salary growth of -4.34% to $28,650 in the year 2013, Illinois has come up with a remarkable 15.75% progress by the year 2019 - Pharmacy Technicians salary in Illinois rose to $33,590 annually. Notably a significant rise of 4.10% and 6.59% was registered in the year 2015 and 2016 respectively.

Year Annual Salary Growth
2016 $32,200 6.59%
2017 $32,590 1.21%
2018 $33,140 1.69%
2019 $33,590 1.36%
2020 $34,700 3.30%
Total $4,490 14.86%

Illinois Employment Growth

Illinois hired Pharmacy Techs with whooping growth rate of 17.04% from 2015 to 2019. However there had been an inconsistency with the employment growth rate for the job of pharmacy techs in the state of IL. (simplify this sentence) From a negative growth of -3.59% in 2018 and -1.86% in 2019 to 15.31% employment growth in 2017, Illinois gives you an ample opportunity to flourish in your career as a Pharmacy Technician. A good jump has been noticed every alternative year.

Year Employment Growth
2016 19,330 0.89%
2017 22,290 15.31%
2018 21,490 -3.59%
2019 21,090 -1.86%
2020 19,880 -5.74%
Total $720 3.76%

Illinois Industry Wise Salary and Employment

The largest number of 10,860 Pharmacy technicians are employed at the Retail Pharmacy stores, (better sentence) making an average annual salary of $31,710. While at Department Stores, the number of employment is merely 440, however in Departmental stores (which stores) Pharmacy Technicians earn $35,350 annual salary which is approximately $4,000 more than that offered at retail pharmacies in Illinois.

Industry Employment Hourly Salary Annual Salary
Retail Pharmacies 10,080 $15.76 $32,770
Hospitals 3,170 $18.85 $39,200
Grocery Stores 2,010 $15.11 $31,420
Other General Merchandise Stores 680 $17.13 $35,610
Department Stores 420 $17.45 $36,290

Illinois City Wise Salary and Employment

The third most populous city in the United States, Chicago-Naperville-Elgin hires 15,950 pharmacy technicians and pays an average annual salary of $34,240, starting from $24,110 at entry level and jumping to $48,300 for the 20+ years experienced pharmacy technicians. However less number of pharmacy techs have been employed in the other cities of Illinois, ranging from 580 in Rockford to only 70 pharmacy technicians in Danville. Re-frame sentence in a better way.

Area Name Employment Hourly Annual Starting Salary Experienced Salary
Chicago-Naperville-Elgin 14,880 $16.98 $35,320 $25,770 $49,300
Rockford 610 $14.16 $29,440 $20,130 $39,550
Peoria 600 $16.74 $34,810 $25,810 $44,290
Springfield 350 $15.99 $33,260 $25,490 $42,440
Champaign-Urbana 260 $15.88 $33,030 $21,430 $47,020
Carbondale-Marion 250 $16.51 $34,340 $23,430 $48,000
Bloomington 230 $15.03 $31,270 $21,200 $40,120
Decatur 190 $15.50 $32,230 $23,130 $43,080
Kankakee 180 $15.11 $31,430 $19,860 $43,250
Danville 90 $15.40 $32,040 $20,670 $49,010

Pharmacy Tech Job Outlook in IL

With 21,090 Pharmacy Technicians currently working in Illinois, the state opens 1,600 job vacancies every year at a growth rate of 5.30% which is fairly higher than the average national employment growth rate. With augmented demand for prescribed medicines, there's an ideal job prospect for the entry level Pharmacy Technicians in Illinois. As per the projection for the year 2028, around 20,060 more Pharmacy techs would be hired by the state.

2018 Employment2028 EmploymentPercent ChangeProjected Annual Job Openings
United States422,300437,6003.62%33,400

Pharmacy Technician Illinois VS Pharmacy Technician National

Pharmacy Technicians in Illinois earn a marginally lower salary than the national average. The annual wages for Pharmacy Technician in Illinois is $33,590 which is 4.94% lower than that in the nation.

TypeIllinois SalaryUS SalaryDifference% Difference
Hourly Wage$16.68$17.52-0.84-4.80%
Monthly Salary$2,890$3,040-150-4.93%
Annual Salary $34,700$36,450-1,750-4.80%