2022 Pharmacy Technician Salary in South Carolina

South Carolina, the Palmetto State, employs over 7,500 pharmacy technicians out of which around 4,985 have PTCB Certification, earning an average salary of $34,510 per annum which is around 5.32% lower than the national average. If you are looking to work as a pharmacy technician in SC, you can expect the best annual pay scale at the hospitals across the state, whereas the top paying cities in South Carolina are Charleston-North Charleston, Columbia, Greenville-Anderson-Mauldin and Myrtle Beach-Conway-North Myrtle. According to BLS, South Carolina will employ pharmacy techs at par with the national average and open around 680 job vacancies every year. South Carolina is a promising place to be in for aspiring pharmacy techs.

Pharmacy Technician Average Salary in South Carolina

Working as a pharmacy technician in South Carolina, you can earn an average annual salary of $34,510 or an average hourly remuneration of $16.59. In last five years, average annual salary of pharmacy technicians has shown a consistent growth, however it is 5.32% lower than the national average.

Type Average Salary
Hourly Wage $16.59
Monthly Salary $2,880
Annual Salary $34,510

Pharmacy Technician Salary by Experience in SC

Being an entry level pharmacy technician, you can expect to earn $24,210 per annum. The highest starting salary is paid at Charleston-North Charleston area in South Carolina. If you work as a pharmacy technician for 20 years or more, your salary will become almost double at $47,180 per annum. If you have an experience of less than five years, you can make up to $28,020 every year, whereas with 5-9 years of working as pharmacy technicians, you can add around $5,000 more, making your annual salary $33,550. 10-19 years of experience pharmacy technicians can earn $39,320 annually in the state of South Carolina.

Level of Experience Hourly Annual
Less than 1 year (Starting) $11.64 $24,210
1-4 years $13.47 $28,020
5-9 years $16.13 $33,550
10-19 years $18.90 $39,320
20 years or more $22.68 $47,180

Total Number of PTCB Certified Pharmacy Techs in South Carolina: 4,985

There are around 4,985 PTCB certified pharmacy technicians working all across the state of South Carolina. If you are an aspiring pharmacy technician, you should know that completing your pharmacy technician education from any of the 17 South Carolina pharmacy technician schools and getting certified is a requirement in the state.

Salary Growth (2016-2020)

Overall annual salary of pharmacy technicians in South Carolina grew at 14.80% from 2016 to 2020. SC pharmacy technicians’ salary has shown a marginally negative growth of 0.32% in 2013 which turned positive by 1.60% in the following year 2014. Then in 2015, there was an excellent salary growth of 3.85% but it couldn’t sustain and dropped to 3.58% in 2016 (nearly same as it was in 2014). In 2017, there was a negative growth rate of 0.10%. The salary growth turned to positive by 5.66% in 2020.

Year Annual Salary Growth
2016 $30,390 1.10%
2017 $30,360 -0.10%
2018 $31,530 3.85%
2019 $32,660 3.58%
2020 $34,510 5.66%
Total $4,450 14.80%

Employment Growth (2016-2020)

Apart from 2019 and 2020, when employment growth rate was in the negative, due to South Carolina cutting down the positions of pharmacy technicians in the state, because of automation in pharmacies, the employment growth during the other years has been pretty much encouraging. In the last three years From 2016 to 2018, South Carolina continuously hired aspiring pharmacy technicians with larger numbers, 7.30% in 2016, 9.12% in 2017 and a whopping 6.23% in 2018 and 6.23% in 2018. In 2020 the growth rate was turned in to negetive by 9.00%. SC is expected to maintain 6.80% employment growth rate for next eight years.

Year Employment Growth
2016 6,470 7.30%
2017 7,060 9.12%
2018 7,500 6.23%
2019 7,110 -5.20%
2020 6,470 -9.00%
Total 440 7.30%

Industry Wise Salary and Employment (2021)

Retail pharmacies in South Carolina employ the largest number of 3,280 pharmacy technicians but pay $32,590 annually which is $6,400 lesser than that paid by the South Carolina hospitals which employ 1,030 pharmacy technicians. Department stores in SC have only 140 pharmacy technicians working at an annual pay scale of $36,090.

Industry Employment Hourly Salary Annual Salary
Retail Pharmacies 3,280 $15.67 $32,590
Hospitals 1,030 $18.75 $38,990
Grocery Stores 650 $15.03 $31,240
Other General Merchandise Stores 220 $17.04 $35,420
Department Stores 140 $17.36 $36,090

South Carolina City Wise Salary and Employment (2021)

In order to scoop the best salary out of South Carolina, you need to know some vital stats about the SC cities. Charleston-North Charleston employs the largest number of 1,140 pharmacy technicians and pays $37,650 annual salary. The lowest annual salary of $30,230 is paid in Sumter, whereas Sumter and Hilton Head Island-Bluffton-Beaufortboth employ the smallest number of 180 and 150 pharmacy techs respectively.

Area Name Employment Hourly Annual Starting Salary Experienced Salary
Charleston-North Charleston 1,140 $18.10 $37,650 $26,970 $49,310
Greenville-Anderson-Mauldin 1,120 $16.71 $34,760 $24,920 $44,480
Columbia 1,070 $17.65 $36,710 $25,390 $50,020
Spartanburg 530 $16.04 $33,370 $26,100 $41,750
Florence 470 $15.82 $32,900 $22,820 $45,410
Myrtle Beach-Conway-North Myrtle Beach 470 $15.71 $32,670 $24,170 $40,240
Hilton Head Island-Bluffton-Beaufort 180 $15.65 $32,560 $22,780 $45,410
Sumter 150 $14.54 $30,230 $22,440 $40,650

Pharmacy Tech Job Outlook in SC (2018-2028)

South Carolina has wonderful job prospects for the aspiring pharmacy technicians. For next 8 years, the estimated employment growth of pharmacy technicians in SC will be at 6.80%, which is marginally 3% above the national average. It is expected that SC will hire up to 680 pharmacy technicians every year until 2028. CVS Health, Grand Strand Medical Center, Equiscript, Fetter Health Care Network and many other health care companies are committed to providing a secure job environment for the pharmacy technicians, all across the state.

2018 Employment2028 EmploymentPercent ChangeProjected Annual Job Openings
South Carolina7,5008,0106.80%680
United States422,300437,6003.62%33,400

Pharmacy Technician South Carolina VS Pharmacy Technician National

Pharmacy technicians in South Carolina earn an income of $16.59 per hour or $2,880 per month or $34,510 per year which is approximately 5.32% lower than the national average.

TypeSouth Carolina SalaryUS SalaryDifference% Difference
Hourly Wage$16.59 $17.52 -0.93-5.32%
Monthly Salary$2,880 $3,040 -160-5.26%
Annual Salary $34,510 $36,450 -1,940-5.32%