2024 Pharmacy Technician Salary in Georgia

There are mainly four factors that can determine your salary as a pharmacy technician in the empire state of the south, Georgia. First, for the position of a pharmacy tech, PTCB certification is preferred by the recruiters in healthcare sector. Secondly, working experience – in a span of 20 years, pharmacy technician salary in Georgia gets doubled. Third, your job location – you can earn the highest annual salary in Hinesville whereas, the lowest is paid by Valdosta. And fourth, the healthcare industry – Hospitals in Georgia pay over $3,570 more per annum than that by the General Merchandise Stores in GA. On an average, currently, pharmacy technician salary in Georgia is $34,220 per annum, representing a growth of 18.04% in last five years. BLS projected around 1,160 job openings every year until 2030 all across the state.

Pharmacy Technician Average Salary in Georgia

As a pharmacy technician, you can either choose to work as a full time or as a part time. A full time pharmacy technician salary in Georgia is $34,220 per annum whereas a part timer makes $16.45 per hour, which is nearly 12% lower than the national average.

Type Average Salary
Hourly Wage $16.45
Monthly Salary $2,850
Annual Salary $34,220

Pharmacy Technician Salary by Experience in GA

If you are an entry level pharmacy technician, you can expect to earn $23,370 per annum or $11.24 per hour (part timer) in Georgia. If you have 1-4 years of experience, you can make $29,140 annually or $14.01 hourly. With 5-9 years of experience, your salary will rise to $35,000 per year or $16.83 per hour. Comparing to entry level pharmacy technician salary, your salary will be doubled to $46,190 with an experience of 20 years or more. Additionally, completing your pharmacy technician training from a school in Georgia can further influence your salary, positively.

Level of Experience Hourly Annual
Less than 1 year (Starting)$11.24$23,370
1-4 years$14.01 $29,140
5-9 years$16.83 $35,000
10-19 years$17.88 $37,180
20 years or more$22.21 $46,190

Total Number of PTCB Certified Pharmacy Techs in Georgia: 9,035

Like in any other state, Georgia also prefers to employ certified pharmacy technicians. Out of 13,260 pharmacy technicians working in Georgia, there are around 9,035 PTCB certified pharmacy techs in the state..

Salary Growth (2017-2021)

Since 2016, the salary of pharmacy technicians in Georgia grew consistently at the rate of nearly 1.5% until 2017. In 2017, the annual salary was $29,450 which became $34,220 in 2021, representing an overall growth of 18.04% and adding almost $5,230 more to the salary of pharmacy technicians in a span of five years.

Year Annual Salary Growth
2017$29,450 1.59%
2018$30,240 2.68%
2019$31,360 3.70%
2020$32,160 2.55%
2021$34,220 6.41%

Employment Growth (2017-2021)

There was a whopping employment growth of 4.54% in 2016 but Georgia couldn’t maintain this rate and it dropped down to 2.92% in 2017 and fell more drastically in 2019, registering a negative growth of 8.76%. However in 2019, registering a negative growth of 8.76%. However in 2021, things turned positive and Georgia hired pharmacy technicians at the rate of 17.45%..

Year Employment Growth

Industry Wise Salary and Employment (2021)

Hospitals in Georgia employ over 2,040 Pharmacy technicians, which is the second largest number and pay the highest salary of $39,010 annually. Grocery Stores have over 1,270 pharmacy technicians but pay the lowest annual salary of $30,910 among all sectors. In order to get into a better paying industry, you need to consider these figures and apply to your desired employer accordingly.

Industry Employment Hourly Salary Annual Salary
Retail Pharmacies6,610$15.27 $31,750
Hospitals2,040$18.76 $39,010
Grocery Stores1,270$14.86 $30,910
Other General Merchandise Stores1,180$17.04 $35,440
Department Stores470$16.88 $35,100

Georgia City Wise Salary and Employment (2021)

Another main factor that impacts the salary of pharmacy technicians in Georgia is the job location. If you want the highest annual pay scale of $37,980, you should consider working in Hinesville whereas the lowest is paid in Valdosta. If you are an entry level pharmacy technician, then you can fetch the highest starting salary at $28,030 per annum in Columbus, the second and the third highest paying cities in Albany are Brunswick and Augusta respectively. Gainesville pays the lowest starting salary of $23,250 per annum.

Area Name Employment Hourly Annual Starting Salary Experienced Salary
Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Roswell, GA 7,110 $17.02 $35,390 $23,450 $46,210
Augusta-Richmond County, GA-SC 800 $16.80 $34,950 $27,640 $45,850
Savannah, GA 580 $16.03 $33,350 $23,250 $44,740
Columbus, GA-AL 380 $16.71 $34,750 $28,030 $46,420
Athens-Clarke County, GA 320 $15.91 $33,100 $27,350 $44,950
Gainesville, GA 320 $16.22 $33,730 $22,660 $44,790
Warner Robins, GA 300 $15.11 $31,440 $23,320 $37,330
Macon, GA 270 $15.15 $31,520 $23,710 $37,510
Albany, GA 240 $15.89 $33,050 $27,840 $38,410
Valdosta, GA 230 $14.79 $30,760 $23,650 $36,450
Dalton, GA 180 $15.82 $32,900 $26,830 $42,730
Rome, GA 160 $16.35 $34,010 $27,470 $43,750
Brunswick, GA 100 $15.88 $33,020 $23,790 $37,770
Hinesville, GA 60 $18.26 $37,980 $27,060 $49,770

Pharmacy Tech Job Outlook in GA (2020-2030)

For the position of a pharmacy technician, the job projection in GA is at 24.11% until the year 2030. It is nearly 19.1% higher than the national average. As per the estimate, there will be 1,160 new or replacement job openings every year in the state of Georgia. To meet this target, top recruiters like United Health Groups, Department of the Army, WellStar Kennestone Hospital, Emory Healthcare and many others will hire pharmacy technicians in the state.

2020 Employment2030 EmploymentPercent ChangeProjected Annual Job Openings
United States447,300469,7005.01%43,500

Pharmacy Technician Georgia VS Pharmacy Technician National

Compared to the national average, pharmacy techs in Georgia earn 9.88% lower annual, monthly or hourly salaries. A Georgia pharmacy technician makes $34,220 whereas national average salary is at $37,970 per annum.

TypeGeorgia SalaryUS SalaryDifference% Difference
Hourly Wage$16.45$18.25 -1.80-9.88%
Monthly Salary$2,850 $3,160 -310-9.81%
Annual Salary $34,220 $37,970-3,750-9.88%