Pharmacy Schools in Indiana - 2022

Indiana has a steady demand for pharmacists to support its healthcare sector. Although the average salary a pharmacist draws compared to the national average is not that high, it does not seem dismal when we consider the low cost of living in the state. In 2020 there were approximately 6,300 pharmacists working in the state drawing an average annual salary of $123,140. To become a pharmacist you must complete a Pharm. D. program from any of the ACPE accredited pharmacy schools in Indiana. With limited study options in the state, to help you make the right choice, we have ranked the schools based on their NAPLEX performance.

Our Ranking Methodology

The performance on the NAPLEX is a significant indication of a school's academic success. The exam is crucial in an aspiring pharmacist's educational journey as it tests competence to practice as a pharmacist. A school with an outstanding performance on the exam goes to show its high quality of education and faculty. Taking this into consideration, we have ranked schools based on the NAPLEX performance over last four years, giving 40% weightage to 2020, 30%to 2019, 20% to 2018 and 10% to 2017.

NAPLEX Pass Rate YearWeightage

2022 Ranking of ACPE Accredited Pharmacy Schools in Indiana

#1. Butler University

Ranking Score: 95.22%
Location: Indianapolis
Accreditation: ACPE

About the College: College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences (COPHS) at Butler University provides extensive clinical practices and pharmaceutical research facilities to students pursuing BS in health sciences, MS in pharmaceutical sciences, PharmD, or Master of Physician Assistant Studies. The college provides free medication and counseling services on non-drug therapies and precautionary knowledge through its students-operated pharmacy. COPHS also offers a medical Spanish track for pharmacy students to help the Hispanic community with quality care.

Program Details: COPHS offers a four-year Doctor of Pharmacy degree program that prepares students with interactive classrooms sessions, and extensive introductory and advanced level clinical practices in pharmacy settings. The 10-month experiential rotations during the fourth or final year provides the much-needed real-world experience. This program can also be opted with an emphasis on pharmaceutical sciences research, patience care research, or medical Spanish tracks; enabling students to focus on specific area of studies.

Butler University NAPLEX Performance
Year # of Students Attempted Pass Rate
2017 114 97.37%
2018 126 99.21%
2019 99 94.95%
2020 99 92.90%

#2. Purdue University

Ranking Score: 92.95%
Location: West Lafayette
Accreditation: ACPE

About the College: Serving students for the last 125 years, Purdue University has a proven record of churning out pharmacy leaders through extensive world-class training at its renowned pharmacy college in IN. World-class research facilities, active industry involvement, qualified faculty and acclaimed curricula, are some of the key reasons to consider this college.

Program Details: The 4-year Pharm.D program at Purdue frequently ranks as one of the top ten pharmacy programs in the nation, supported by integrated learning solutions, intensive classroom studies, hands-on lab training, and 10-month clinical rotations in various practice settings. Admission to this program is subject to successful completion of the 2-year Pharmacy Program at Purdue or equivalent coursework at any other accredited college; however, if you pursue condensed pre-pharmacy program at Purdue, then you can save up to 2 years of your course study time and most likely join the workforce two years faster compared to students from other pharmacy colleges.

Purdue University NAPLEX Performance
Year # of Students Attempted Pass Rate
2017 140 93.57%
2018 133 85.71%
2019 135 96.30%
2020 131 93.90%

#3. Manchester University

Ranking Score: 85.46%

Location: North Manchester
Accreditation: ACPE

About the College: Offering over 25 programs, the College of Pharmacy, Natural & Health Sciences, at Manchester University (MU) is well-known for maintaining world-class pharmacy training standards and providing interactive classrooms, research areas, and highly educated faculty to prepare students for a rewarding career in the medical field. With small classroom sizes, Manchester ensures personalized learning experience for its students.

Program Details: MU College of Pharmacy offers a 4-year Pharm.D Program in IN, which is the nation's first pharmacy program to win the American association of college of pharmacy award for its remarkable contribution and commitment to diversified learning solutions. Coursework includes drug therapy, medication management and other core pharmacy courses. The experiential learning includes IPPEs and APPEs in a variety of streamlined practice settings.

Manchester University NAPLEX Performance
Year # of Students Attempted Pass Rate
2017 70 81.43%
2018 66 69.70%
2019 60 91.67%
2020 58 89.70%

Licensure - Passing the NAPLEX and MPJE in Indiana

To become a licensed pharmacist in Indiana you must apply to the state licensing agency. You must then go ahead and apply for the NAPLEX and MPJE. Later, on passing these two exams you will earn your pharmacist licensure.

Indiana Pharm.D. Graduates NAPLEX Performance (2017-2020)

The overall performance of Indiana's pharmacy students taking the NAPLEX over the last four years has been an above average aggregate of 89.81%. Students from Purdue University have done exceedingly well in these four years, what with a 96.30%in 2019 and a 93.90% in the recent year of 2020. Manchester on the other hand has 91.67% in 2019 and a 89.70% in the recent year 2020. below average pass rates for the last two years. The state has witnessed the number of students taking the exam considerably go up since 2016, conversely, however performance has grown up in the last year down.

School Location 2017 2018 2019 2020
# Taken Pass % # Taken Pass % # Taken Pass % # Taken Pass %
Butler University Indianapolis 114 97.37% 126 99.21% 99 94.95% 99 92.90%
Purdue University West Lafayette 140 93.57% 133 85.71% 135 96.30% 131 93.90%
Manchester University North Manchester 70 81.43% 66 69.70% 60 91.67% 58 89.70%
Overall Indiana NAPLEX Performance 324 90.79% 325 84.87% 294 94.31% 288 92.17%

Pharmacist Salary in Indiana

In Indiana, average salaries are generally lower due to the cheaper cost of living and pharmacist salaries are no different. On an average a pharmacist earns an annual salary of $123,140 which is much lower than the national average of $125,510. You can expect to start with a salary of $86,170 and with experience you can go on to earn as high an annual wage as $163,270.

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Pharmacist Job Outlook in Indiana

Indiana will have 240 job openings each year that includes new as well as replacements. In 2018 there were 5,590 pharmacists working in the state and this number is down to5,500 by 2028. The employment growth rate in the state is low at 1.61% as compared to the national pharmacist employment growth rate of 0.06 in negetive%.

2018 Employment2028 EmploymentGrowthProjected Annual Job Openings (New + Replacement)
Source: Career One Stop

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