Pharmacy Schools in South Carolina - 2021

South Carolina, just like most states in the nation offers its pharmacists a steady employment growth. The supply and demand of pharmacists in the state remains more or less balanced as options to pursue a Pharm. D. degree are little. As of 2020, there are approximately 5,050 pharmacists working in the state, drawing a salary of $119,090. To become a pharmacist you must complete your Pharm. D from any of the two pharmacy schools in South Carolina. To help you get the best educational experience from this limited choice we have ranked these schools based on their NAPLEX performance.

Our Ranking Methodology

Our ranking is mainly based on the school's NAPLEX performance over the last four years. 40% weightage was given to 2020, 30% to 2019, 20% to 2018 and 10% to 2017. The NAPLEX measures a student's competence to practice as a pharmacist. Its success greatly indicates a positive educational outcome and the school's effort in imparting the knowledge and skills required to pass the exam.

NAPLEX Pass Rate YearWeightage

2021 Ranking of ACPE Accredited Pharmacy Schools in South Carolina

#1. University of South Carolina

Ranking Score: 91.88%
Location: Columbia
Accreditation: ACPE

About the College: University of South Carolina's College of Pharmacy has been making an immense contribution to the healthcare sector by churning out competent pharmacy professionals for more than 150 years. This college provides state-of-the-art research-centered facilities and is well known for its leading-edge research in neuroscience, therapeutics, cancer and pharmacology.

Program Details: USC College of Pharmacy offers a research-focused 4-year Pharm.D. Program in SC, in a highly equipped clinical environment where students get to learn from the best minds in the field of pharmacy. The first three years of pharmacy education is divided into three terms - fall, spring and summer - and curriculum includes principles of pharmaceutical science, relevant subjects, and a minimum of 300-hour IPPEs. The last or fourth year is focused on experiential experience; you will undergo a minimum of 1440-hour APPEs and clinical seminar or grand rounds.

* You can also pursue the Pharm.D. Program with four dual degree options: Pharm.D./MBA, Pharm.D./MPH, Pharm.D./MHIT, and Pharm.D./Ph.D.

South Carolina College NAPLEX Performance
Year # of Students Attempted Pass Rate
2017 180 90.56%
2018 179 93.30%
2019 172 97.09%
2020 97 87.60%

#2. Presbyterian College

Ranking Score: 91.44%
Location: Clinton
Accreditation: ACPE

About the College: With a mission to foster the best quality pharmacy education and culture of service, Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy is committed to strategically grow in the field of pharmacy education and it is currently one of the highly valued pharmacy colleges in SC. The PC School of Pharmacy gives you an excellent opportunity to gain valuable education in classroom as well as practical experience in the field and thus help develop teamwork and inter-professional skills.

Program Details: At Presbyterian, you can obtain the Doctor of Pharmacy degree by completing the 4-year coursework comprising of theoretical studies and experiential education in pharmacy practice settings. Coursework during first three years is divided into two semesters - fall and spring - consisting of core knowledge on pharmaceutical terms, pharmacy principles and a dedicated involvement in IPPEs. The fourth and last year is completely devoted to APPEs, relevant elective courses and capstone.

*Admission to the PharmD program is subject to successful completion of pre-pharmacy coursework which takes 2-3 years' time.

Presbyterian College NAPLEX Performance
Year # of Students Attempted Pass Rate
2017 72 80.56%
2018 69 84.06%
2019 72 94.44%
2020 46 95.60%

Licensure - Passing the NAPLEX and MPJE in South Carolina

To become a licensed pharmacist in South Carolina you are required to apply to the Board of Pharmacy. Thereafter, apply to the NABP to take the NAPLEX and the MPJE. Later, you will be notified of your scores by email, approximately 10 business days after the exam.

South Carolina Pharm.D. Graduates NAPLEX Performance (2017-2020)

With just two pharmacy colleges in Illinois, the number of graduates as well as their NAPLEX performance has been pretty much consistent. The performance overall, has been just an average all through the four years. In the most recent year of 2019, 244 students passed the exam with a 95.75%, the national aggregate for the year being 89.63%.

School Location 2017 2018 2019 2020
#Taken Pass % #Taken Pass % #Taken Pass % #Taken Pass %
Presbyterian College Clinton 72 80.56% 69 84.06% 72 94.44% 46 95.60%
University of South Carolina Columbia 180 90.56% 179 93.30% 172 97.09% 97 87.60%
Overall South Carolina NAPLEX Performance 252 85.56% 248 88.68% 244 95.77% 143 91.60%

Pharmacist Salary in in South Carolina

A pharmacist in the state earns $119,090 , annually, which is -1.17% lower than the national average salary of a pharmacist. While the highest salary comes from Myrtle Beach-Conway-North Myrtle Beach, Greenville-Anderson-Mauldin, the lowest comes from Columbia. When you start your pharmacy career in SC, expect to earn $86,910, annually and with work experience, over a period your salary can grow up to $160,750.

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Pharmacist Job Outlook in South Carolina

South Carolina will have 220 job openings annually that include new as well as replacement positions. By 2028 there are expected to be 5,050 pharmacists working in the state holding varied positions in the pharmaceutical industry. With an employment growth rate of -1.17%, the state will have a steady demand for pharmacists spanning a period from 2018 to 2028.

2018 Employment2028 EmploymentGrowthProjected Annual Job Openings (New + Replacement)
Source: Career One Stop

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