Pharmacy Schools in Michigan - 2024

Michigan, the 10th most populous state in the nation requires pharmacists consistently to cater to its healthcare needs. Although the salaries aren't that high as compared to the national average pharmacist salary, we must consider the fact that cost of living in the state is amongst the lowest in the nation. As of 2021, there were approximately 10,170 pharmacists working in the state drawing an average annual salary of $120,780. To become a licensed pharmacist you must complete a Doctor of Pharmacy program from an ACPE accredited pharmacy school in Michigan. To help make your choice easier we have ranked schools in the state based on their NAPLEX performance.

Our Ranking Methodology

Our ranking is mainly based on the NAPLEX first time pass rates over the last four years. Each school has been closely evaluated for their performance, with 40% weightage given to 2021, 30% to 2020, 20% to 2019 and 10% to 2018. A school that has consistently fared well on the licensure exam points out to a favorable learning environment and commitment towards academic success. The exam is crucial in the educational journey of a pharmacist as without passing it you cannot practice as a pharmacist.

NAPLEX Pass Rate YearWeightage

2024 Ranking of ACPE Accredited Pharmacy Schools in Michigan

#1. University of Michigan

Ranking Score: 96.07%
Location: Ann Arbor
Accreditation: ACPE

About the College: University of Michigan (UM) College of Pharmacy, one of the top 10 most affordable pharmacy colleges in the nation, has partnered with over 500 experienced preceptors at 200 different locations thus offering its students the best facilities and practical experience. With a student to faculty ratio of 11:1, the college consistently records over 95% graduation rate.

Program Details: U-M College of Pharmacy through its 4-year PharmD program offers an excellent opportunity to receive world-class research and practical experience-based pharmacy training. The first 3 years are dedicated to basic pharmaceutical knowledge imparted through classroom instruction and integrated practice experience at introductory level. Fourth year is all about gaining advanced pharmacy practice experience and attending seminars. Throughout the curriculum, you will also participate in Pharmacy IPE Program where you get a chance to interact and learn from inter-professional students from across the globe, enabling you to a greater exposure in the field of healthcare.

University of Michigan NAPLEX Performance
Year # of Students Attempted Pass Rate

#2. Wayne State University

Ranking Score: 91.69%
Location: Detroit
Accreditation: ACPE

About the College: Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Science (EUCPHS), part of Wayne State University, was formed in 1924 with a mission to impart high quality pharmacy education and enhance the standards of healthcare industry through best practices. With a strong model of learning, hands-on practical training, and facilities to conduct pharmacy-related research, the college has successfully prepared nationally and internationally acclaimed practitioners in the medical field.

Program Details: EUCPHS offers one of the most unique Pharm.D. Program in MI, which is administered by the departments of pharmacy practice and pharmaceutical sciences. In 2016 new career-focused changes were made to the curriculum in order to meet the ever-changing industry demands. In the first three years, you will cover core pharmaceutical topics along with introductory level practical experience, and the last or fourth year is dedicated to advanced pharmacy practice experience - you need to complete a minimum of 5 APPEs courses and two APPE electives which can be in patient care or non-patient care or a combination of both.

*Every year around 100 students enroll into this program.

Wayne State University NAPLEX Performance
Year # of Students Attempted Pass Rate

#3. Ferris State University

Ranking Score: 87.91%
Location: Big Rapids
Accreditation: ACPE

About the College: Since 1894, Ferris State University through its pharmacy college has been making a remarkable contribution to the profession of pharmacy. The dedicated 45 full/part time qualified faculty and over 300 adjunct faculty have made Ferris State one of the best pharmacy colleges in MI, providing high quality education and state-of-the-art technology to its students.

Program Details: The 4-year Doctor of Pharmacy program prepares students with a strong emphasis on clinical practice, drug therapy and medication management, providing results-focused and patient-centered approach. The curriculum updated in 2009 includes fundamentals of pharmacotherapy, biopharmaceutics, integrated studies, PharmD seminar and introductory & advanced experience in practice settings. Graduate will be eligible for career opportunities in a variety of pharmacy settings such as community, hospital, industrial and long-term care centers.

*Prior to enrolling into this program, you should successfully complete the 2-3-year pre-pharmacy course.

Ferris State University NAPLEX Performance
Year # of Students Attempted Pass Rate

Licensure - Passing the NAPLEX and MPJE in Michigan

To obtain your license you must first apply to the state along with an application fee of $60. After the board verifies your eligibility you can go ahead and apply to the NABP for the NAPLEX and MPJE. On passing both these exams you will earn your pharmacist licensure.

Michigan Pharm.D. Graduates NAPLEX Performance (2018-2021)

When we reviewed the performance of Pharm. D. graduates in Michigan over the last four years, we see an excellent performance, with each year indicating a first-time pass percentage of above 85. In 2018 and 2019, almost more than 92% students passed the exam on the first attempt. Each year, number of students taking the NAPLEX varied slightly, hovering around 300. In 2020 and 2021 the pass percentage is 93.67% and 89.00% respectively. This signifies a consistent number of licensed pharmacists entering the workforce every year.

School Location 2018 2019 2020 2021
#Taken Pass % #Taken Pass % #Taken Pass % #Taken Pass %
University of Michigan Ann Arbor 76 94.70% 80 95.00% 75 96.00% 71 97.00%
Wayne State University Detroit 96 97.92% 99 96.00% 96 93.00% 104 87.00%
Ferris State University Big Rapids 121 85.12% 151 93.00% 129 92.00% 126 83.00%
Overall Michigan NAPLEX Performance 293 92.58% 330 94.67% 300 93.67% 301 89.00%

Pharmacist Salary in Michigan

A pharmacist earns an annual salary of $120,780 which is 3.9% lower than the national average. While, the highest salaries in the state come from Ann Arbor where you can expect to earn $129,030, the lowest are paid in Battle Creek $114,810.

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Pharmacist Job Outlook in Michigan

The 10-year employment growth rate from 2020 to 2030 is projected to be 1.10% in negetive, slightly lower than the national rate. Detroit-Warren-Dearborn and Grand Rapids-Wyoming hire the highest number of pharmacists in the state.

2020 Employment2030 EmploymentGrowthProjected Annual Job Openings (New + Replacement)
Source: Career One Stop

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